Add your own company logo!

Add your own company logo

Now you are able to upload your own company logo to make your landing page even more customizable and professional.  If you are an incubator or accelerator and have multiple companies in your portfolio this a great way to personalize all of them under one account.

You will need to have two images with a transparent background if there are any white/black colors in your logo.   You can always email us if you need help at or click on the green question mark on the bottom right screen.



Approve or deny your lead in one click without having to log in

Your life just got easier, now approve or deny your leads with the buttons in the email. No more logging in, no more wasted time, get straight to the point and let your leads know whether they should have access to your material or not.

The feature works great on mobiles and desktop so now feel comfortable approving or denying your leads no matter where you are.


Introducing our Free Trial!

Updates on 07/01/14

7 Day Free Trial – Now Live!

After listening to our audiences we are now offering a 7 day free trial.  You wanted to try it before you buy it.  We listened and now you have it.  The first week is free when  you signed up and it is available with all plans.  You will get all the features associated with that plan during the free trial.

We want users to dig into pitchXO and experience it for themselves.  We are also available to help and if you get stuck somewhere you can reach us at or simply click on the green “?” on the bottom right corner of your screen and sent us a message.

Get started here:

Incubator Mode allows you to give pitchXO to your portfolio

Updates on 07/01/14

Incubator Mode Option for Enterprise Plan
Split your account across different departments of your company, or companies of your incubator. Great for incubators, accelerators and funds which would like to offer pitchXO for their portfolio companies, or enterprises which would like to use pitchXO across different departments.

We simplified our pricing!

Updates on 07/01/14

Simplified Pricing

We made our pricing structure simpler.  We got rid of the Pro package, and combined it with the Startup plan.  Our new Startup and Marketing Team plan will give our customers all the features of the Pro plan for the price of the Startup:

Company Domain
Keep your pitchXO installation on your personal company domain – e.g. or – this keeps it more professional towards your leads.

CRM Integrations
Push your leads automatically into your CRM system.  Keep track of their behaviour, and take advantage of our behaviour tracking and background checks for pre-filled CRM profiles.

Mailing List Connects
Once your high quality leads sign up, add them to your mailing list of choice – MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, etc.

Lead Targeting
Track your leads by integrating with Google Tag Manager. If a lead comes to your landing page, you will be able to show him advertisements on other websites afterwards with AdWords and other GTM compatible Ad Networks.

See latest pricing plan here:

update pricing

Connect pitchXO with Zapier

Updates on 07/01/14

Zapier – Send your leads to over 300 other Web Apps, like Mailchimp, Salesforce, etc.

Zapier is a powerful API tool that lets applications communicate and share information with each other.  You can create unique one to one integration with hundreds of applications. The concept is pretty simple, when this application does something, do this with this other application.  This is a great way to integrate pitchXO with your applications without having to hire a developer.

Send new leads to your own App with Webhooks

Updates on 07/01/14

Webhooks – Send custom webhooks to your own application or other applications easily.

With WebHooks you can easily notify your own systems or thousands of other APIs whenever a new lead signs up on your landing page, and/or logs in. We supply also the initial lead data in the request, so your system could display the correct info or match the user with your database. There are endless possibilities. Popular systems to handle hooks out of the box are for example IFTTT.

UserVoice enables lead support on your pages!

Updates on 07/01/14

UserVoice – Add live support and collect feedback from your leads ( See the little green question mark in the bottom right corner?)

UserVoice is part of Connectors available on the left menu of the dashboard.  Simply find the UserVoice icon and connect to add this feature to your site.


This is your help desk ticket.  With just one click you will be able to connect with us.  Just find the little green question mark and send us your questions, feedback, or whatever is on your mind.  We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.

uservoice icon



Send new leads to Streak CRM

Updates on 07/01/14

Streak CRM – Whenever a lead signs up, we’ll add them to your CRM and when a lead logs in, we update their last visit time.

Streak CRM helps you stay connected with your leads.  When a new lead signs up or visits your site an entry can be made automatically on your Steak CRM spreadsheet.  A new roll will be added with all his/her information.  This is a good way to keep your investors organized all in one place.  You will never have to manually input investors name on your spreadsheet or try to find that specific investor’s email in your mailbox.


Show targetted ads with our Google Tag Manager integration!

Updates on 07/01/14

Google Tag Manager – Tag your leads, so they will see your AdWords ads on other websites.

When a lead views your material they are tagged with Google Tag Manager.  Now, when they visit another website such as TechCrunch or YouTube, they will see your ads on that page.  This is a good way to advertise and remind your lead of your company that he or she might have forgotten when they viewed your presentations a few days back.





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