We simplified our pricing!

Updates on 07/01/14

Simplified Pricing

We made our pricing structure simpler.  We got rid of the Pro package, and combined it with the Startup plan.  Our new Startup and Marketing Team plan will give our customers all the features of the Pro plan for the price of the Startup:

Company Domain
Keep your pitchXO installation on your personal company domain – e.g. investor.yourcompany.com or marketing.yourcompany.com – this keeps it more professional towards your leads.

CRM Integrations
Push your leads automatically into your CRM system.  Keep track of their behaviour, and take advantage of our behaviour tracking and background checks for pre-filled CRM profiles.

Mailing List Connects
Once your high quality leads sign up, add them to your mailing list of choice – MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, etc.

Lead Targeting
Track your leads by integrating with Google Tag Manager. If a lead comes to your data room, you will be able to show him advertisements on other websites afterwards with AdWords and other GTM compatible Ad Networks.

See latest pricing plan here: https://www.pitchxo.com/#pricing

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